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Equipped with a range of products. Midwest Wireless is prepared to meet all your demands. Head over to our "Contact Us" section to find out more about our products.

Nationwide LTE Coverage

Midwest Wireless provides you with a nationwide unthrottled unlimited 4G LTE data service so you are connected at home, on the road, or on vacation. Feel free to step out anywhere without disconnecting from the world that stays in the palm of your hands.

Fast Home Network

Feel the need for speed with our superior network that won't let you or your work slow down.

About Midwest

Discover A Wider World Of Recreation

When you connect to Midwest Wireless, you become a part of the interconnected community which helps to get you online, stays online, and provides fast reliable wireless data.
Midwest Wireless supplies internet for rural communities/places with unstable connectivity and people that are always on the move and have to stay connected.
Staying connected in these areas can be hard but we’re here to help you choose the correct plan and provide you with trouble-free internet. 

We work together with the major carriers here in the USA to combine the fast and latest 4G LTE cellular technology with the service of the provider. Midwest Wireless offers the advantages of major internet providers without the hassle of a contract.

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Unthrottled Unlimited 4G LTE Data

Stream TV

Unthrottled Speeds

Installation & Remote Support

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Paperless Billing

Fast Support 24/7

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Get Blazing Fast Internet

Internet for everyone

High-Speed Internet that can be used at at home, when you are travelling & Rural Internet / RV use.

Call or Text us @ 224-225-9787

Fred Rodriquez
Fred Rodriquez

Project Manager

Fast Internet that works for me. As a Remote IT Worker, having a stable reliable internet connection is very important. Midwest Wireless services and speeds have been great!

Audrey Stevenson
Audrey Stevenson

Marketing Staff

Internet that just works.The Internet is fast enough for my Zoom calls & Team meetings. No buffering or lag.

Bennett Miller
Bennett Miller

IT Programmer

With the Pandemic, remote work & VPN's means one needs high speed internet with them all the time. I have been with Midwest Wireless for few years now, never had any issues with their service.

Laura Ferguson
Laura Ferguson


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